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Smart Home Automation

Supply, installation and automation of smart lighting, mulit-room audio, cinema room, smart security, blinds and automated gates

Home Automation Company

Book an initial smart home palnning and design appointment with one of our home automation experts and know the endless possibilities of smart lighting, AV, blinds, security and heating.

Luxury Home Cinema

Creating luxury cinema room with top class projectors, screen, speakers, seating, lighting and acoustics. Authorised dealers and expert home theatre installers.

Home Cinema Installation

We work with architects and interior designers to deliver the top notch home theatre you deserve. Authorised dealers and installers of Artcoustic, B&W, Triad, Control4, Sonos, Starscape and more.

Automated Gates

Design, supply, installation and automation of electric gates by experienced metal gate installers. Bespoke design of swing and sliding Aluminium gates with wooden texture.

Buy Electric Gates Online

Add your measurements to get an instant quote of how much it would cost to get an automated driveway gate for your home

Driveway gates
for home and apartments

Made to measure gates carefully crafted using a range of the finest sourced materials and
installed to the highest standards by our expert team of gate fitters.

We now trade as Slab Gates with our new warehouse based in Oxfordshire

Driveway Gate Installation

manual and electric

We offer full installation of swing and sliding wooden and metal driveway gates. Whilst completing your driveway gate installation, we also undertake brick and groundworks needed for underground motor, poles and pillars. Our team of well experienced gate installers fits, repairs and programs electric motors and intercom for easy and secured access to your home in style.  

driveway gate installation

Replacement, repair and installation of electric and manual gates by expert gate fitters.  

Gate Automation

Hidden and overground

We offer automation of single leaf and double leaf electric gates with swing and sliding motors for house, flats and domestic premises. This includes replacing posts, hanging of gates and the supply and installation of the underground or above gate automation system. Our professional gate fitting team ensure all aspects concerned with the safety of the gate are complete before handover.  


With Smartphone App

We provide professional gate intercom installation to domestic properties including houses, apartments, farms and block of flats. Gate fitters with more than 20+ years of experience make us the go-to for gate intercom installation. With a secure gate entry intercom system, home owners, property managers and residents can easily identify visitors requesting entry at the gate, then grant remote access with the simple push of a button, or swipe on a phone app.  

gate intercom installation

No unauthorized pedestrians or vehicles can enter your home or restricted area.  


In addition to construction skills like digging, concrete mixing and pouring, gate installation require knowledge and experience in electrical wiring, general electrics and welding, too. They are also well versed in all other safety requirements your gate legally needs to meet, so that it’s safe for people to operate and move around.

Common question about
driveway gates

  • How much does a driveway gate cost?

    The cost of driveway gates depends on the type of material, mode of automation and difficulty in installation. You can get a rough estimate of how much it would cost for a driveway gate using our online gate cost calculator tool
  • Does electric gate add value to your property?

    In terms of increasing the value of your property, when or if you come to sell your house the added security of automated gates can be a great selling point and add up to 5% extra value to your home.
  • Do you need planning permission for an electric gate?

    You will need to apply for planning permission if you wish to erect or add to a fence, wall or gate if:
    - It would be over one metre high and next to a highway used by vehicles (or the footpath of such a highway); or over two metres high elsewhere; or
    -Your right to put up or alter fences, walls and gates is removed by an article 4 direction or a planning condition; or
    -Your house is a listed building or in the curtilage of a listed building
    -The fence, wall or gate, or any other boundary involved, forms a boundary with a neighbouring listed building or its curtilage
  • Can I automate my gates?

    Yes, it is possible to automate existing gates in most cases. Gate automation does place additional stress across the gate, so taking an expert advise would be ideal
  • Can electric gates be opened manually?

    Manual key release mechanism is used in most cases. The manual release key is usually inserted into the appropriate lock on the motor housing, then a lever or handle is operated to disconnect the motor drive from the gate opening arms, gears and shafts.
  • How wide can a swing gate be?

    Generally, 2.5m but depends on the height and weight of the gate too.
  • What is a double swing gate?

    Double swing gates consist of two leafs that open and close.
  • Is sliding gate better than swing gate?

    Swing gates are the most common type of gate used for domestic properties. Bi-Parting swing gates take up less driveway space than a single gate and are recommended for driveways that are over 5.5m wide. Typically, swing gates open inwards towards the property but if the driveway slopes or curves sharply, you need to consider other models. If both a swing or a sliding gate are feasible, a swing gate is generally recommended as they are prettier and less expensive than sliding gates.

With our bespoke metal driveway gates you are ensured to add a traditional, contemporary or classic touch to your entrance with nearly no maintenance cost. Contact us for a bespoke gate installation survey.

made to measure gates

Made to Measure

We will come over to measure your gates and install them to highest standards that perfectly fits and enhance the look and security of your home.

  • Aluminium and composite gates
  • Wooden and Metal gates
  • Wooden look Aluminium gates
  • Traditional style Aluminum gates
  • Swing and sliding motor from Nice
  • We offer free made to measure gate survey within 20 miles of Farnham Common.

    invisible gate automation

    Invisible Gate Automation

    Installation of underground gate motor for swing gates with leaves up to 2.5 m. We take up ground work including brickwork and masonry for compact gate installation.

  • Double leaf swing with 2.5m per side
  • Maximum weight of 500kg
  • Anti-crushing protection
  • Emergency manual operation assured
  • As the gate motor is installed below ground, it does not change the appearance of your gate.

    sliding gate installation

    Sliding gate installation

    We offer installation of tracked sliding gates that runs on wheels along a grooved steel rail that is just below ground level.

  • Elegant and modern designs
  • Manual and Electric
  • Tracked and Cantilever installations
  • The advantage of a cantilever gate is that you don't have to keep the track free of leaves, but expensive than tracked.

    Contact us for a professional sliding and swing gate installation for your home, apartments, farms and all domestic premises.

    swing gate Installation

    Swing Gate Installation

    We carry out full automated swing gate installations, including all required groundworks, supply of the gate and posts, automation and safety equipment you require for your driveway gates.

  • Single leaf and double leaf gates
  • Composit, Aluminium and Wooden
  • Wooden textured Aluminium gates
  • Post, pillars and safety sensors
  • Swing gates might not be a choice for sloped surfaces though.

    groundworks gates

    Ground Works

    Whether it is wall mounting a post or installing an underground motor for your driveway gates, it require expertise in construction and groundworks.

  • Concrete pillars and post
  • Brickwork and channeling
  • Welding and electrics
  • Ground leveling
  • Hanging of gates
  • Installers with 20+ years of experience in driveway gates.

    aluminium fence

    Aluminium Fences

    Aluminium contemporary fencing is bespoke made and very robust and strong to give you many years of no maintenance life

  • Powder coated Aluminium
  • Rust free for many years
  • Wide range of colours
  • Light weight and weather proof
  • Light weight, strong aluminium fences are a great alternative to timber and steel fences.

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