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Smart Home Automation

Supply, installation and automation of smart lighting, mulit-room audio, cinema room, smart security, blinds and automated gates

Home Automation Company

Book an initial smart home palnning and design appointment with one of our home automation experts and know the endless possibilities of smart lighting, AV, blinds, security and heating.

Luxury Home Cinema

Creating luxury cinema room with top class projectors, screen, speakers, seating, lighting and acoustics. Authorised dealers and expert home theatre installers.

Home Cinema Installation

We work with architects and interior designers to deliver the top notch home theatre you deserve. Authorised dealers and installers of Artcoustic, B&W, Triad, Control4, Sonos, Starscape and more.

Automated Gates

Design, supply, installation and automation of electric gates by experienced metal gate installers. Bespoke design of swing and sliding Aluminium gates with wooden texture.

Buy Electric Gates Online

Add your measurements to get an instant quote of how much it would cost to get an automated driveway gate for your home

Luxury Cinema Room

Fully immersive Dolby Atmos home theatre and media room installation.


Design, supply and installation of top end home theatre

3D rendering

Visualise your home cinema before any construction begins. We work with exceptional tradesmen ready to fit out your home theatre from construction through to furnishings, or we can work with your builder.


We will run speaker, data and power cables in ceiling and around the room as well as build the control rack to manage your home cinema.

Bespoke surround sound

We have a preferred list of manufacturers, to choose from, whom we know provide outstanding products and support. Our main suppliers are Artcoustic, Sonos, B and W, Triad and Monitor Audio for theatre sound system. It is possible to design and build custom speaker grill colour and pattern to match your decor.

4K Video

We use JVC, projecta, optima, sony and samsung video equipments.

Dedicated control System

The true magic of a home cinema is when everything comes together. We can help you acheive this with Control4.

Building luxury home cinema and media room

We take into account the size, location, shape and acoustics of your proposed cinema room to deliver the supreme movie experience.


A home cinema room is more than just a sofa, screen and speakers. The shape of the room, controlling outside light and sound proofing are important aspects that we consider while choosing the space for dedicated home cinema. Attic, spare bedroom or garage can be ideal. We would recommend renovating the room to cast a large enough picture, in order to call this room a proper home cinema room.

smart home controller


The size of the room is taken into account in deciding if we can install a projector screen or a large TV. A room of 6m x 4.5m room would suffice the installation of a projector screen combo with an aspect ratio of 16:9. We prefer the shape of the room to be rectangular or ideally a Golden Trapagon. Giant speakers are installed behind acoustically transparent static screen for the ultimate theatre experience.

smart home controller


Dolby Atmos introduces theatre-grade speakers above you to make the experience even more realistic. The sound travels from all directions and captivates the most discerning sound enthusiast. It is the best residential sound application for home cinemas that is available today. We have access to luxury home theatre sound system that is not available in consumer market and is capable to design bespoke home theatre sound system that is just right for you.

smart lighting keypads


With acoustic treatment we can make your cost-effective equipment sound great, and a high end equipment sound amazing. Acoustics is all about minimising sound reflections and delivering awesome bass reproduction as well as soundproofing your home cinema room from other connected rooms.

smart home entertainment package


We can help you create the perfect ambiance that leaves your family lost in the cine-magic, a space you’ll never want to leave. Lights are chosen with careful consideration and can lift your home cinema room design to the next level. We take into consideration what else the space will be used for before suggesting various cinema room lighting options.

whole house audio


We can work with your interior designer or yourself in choosing the right colour for your cinema room seating and furnishings. Details like the carpet you choose, curtains on either side of the screen, walls sconces on the side walls, and a star night ceiling can all make a difference. We would recommend dark themes, matte finish painting and carpet flooring to avoid any reflections.

smart home interface


The true magic of a home cinema is when everything comes together. With Control4, we can make your home cinema investment worthwhile by removing the complexity of managing multiple remotes with just one that is sleek, sophisticated, and easy for the whole family to use. A tap of the “Movie” button activates the projector, queues the sound, and dims the lights.

smart home interface


smart home App installed

Media Room

We build huge media rooms with billiard table, poker table, and bar along with large screen and discreetly hidden projector and speakers, all integrated with smart controller.

remote control

Dedicated Cinema Room

If you have the space for a dedicated home cinema room, we can help you design and install a complete cinema which includes audio visual, lighting, seating and acoustics.


Living Room Cinema

We transform your living room to home cinema with a single touch by dimming the lights, closing the blinds, and descending 4K screen and projector from the ceiling.

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