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Smart Home Automation

Supply, installation and automation of smart lighting, mulit-room audio, cinema room, smart security, blinds and automated gates

Home Automation Company

Book an initial smart home palnning and design appointment with one of our home automation experts and know the endless possibilities of smart lighting, AV, blinds, security and heating.

Luxury Home Cinema

Creating luxury cinema room with top class projectors, screen, speakers, seating, lighting and acoustics. Authorised dealers and expert home theatre installers.

Home Cinema Installation

We work with architects and interior designers to deliver the top notch home theatre you deserve. Authorised dealers and installers of Artcoustic, B&W, Triad, Control4, Sonos, Starscape and more.

Automated Gates

Design, supply, installation and automation of electric gates by experienced metal gate installers. Bespoke design of swing and sliding Aluminium gates with wooden texture.

Buy Electric Gates Online

Add your measurements to get an instant quote of how much it would cost to get an automated driveway gate for your home

Speakers and sound system
for home cinema room

We offer in-wall, in-ceiling and on-wall home cinema speaker installation and calibration.
You can achieve your ideal home cinema audio setup without any DIY hassle.

Supply installation and calibration

A well designed and installed home theatre is truly magical. We guarantee the very best performance, just as the film director intended.We’ll help you with choosing the right configuration of home cinema audio to suit the structure of your room as well as that fits your budget.

Top Brands

We are authorised dealers of Artcoustic, Triad, B & W and most of UK's popular cinema speaker brands.


We will work together with your builder to run the cables and install in-ceiling and on-wall speakers.


As we work directly with the manufacturers we can arrange onsite audio calibration services for you.

Cinema room speakers

tv wall

A typical home cinema audio system includes an AV receiver, centre speaker, right and left front speakers, right and left rear speakers and special effect ceiling speakers and a subwoofer or two. This is most popular 5.1 Dolby Atmos configuration. Add 2 more speakers for a 7.1 depending on the size of the cinema room.  

multi-room av installation

Supply installation and calibration of Audio system for a fully immersive home cinema experience.  

3D Design

Speaker positions

We fully design your home cinema room considering room shape and acoustics and produce 3D renders of your cinema room showing seating, lighting, speaker and projector positions.  

Soundbar for TV

Alternative to surround

Sound bars can approximate the more immersive effect of true multispeaker surround systems. They can be used on their own, and many can also work with an external subwoofer to add a more realistic experience.Designed as a single horizontal unit, sound bars can significantly improve your TV’s audio.  

multi-room av installation

Installing a subwoofer is a better alternative for home cinema with TV.  

Common question about
cinema speakers

  • Can I build a budget home cinema?

    A dedicated cinema room is a luxury and is expensive. It won’t be worth investing if you do not get the ultimate result of fully immersive cinema and the most important part is the audio system. So please avoid budgeting Audio equipments.
  • Can I experience the cinema room sound before I buy?

    Yes, please visit our showroom at Farnham Common for a true home cinema experience.
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