Smart Home Cost Calculator

A rough estimate of how much it would cost for a professional smart home with automated lighting, security, audio visual and cinema room.

quick smart home cost calculator

Smart home estimate

Get quick cost estimation of your smart home project.


Counting all rooms with smart lighting and including hallway, landing and outdoor lightings as different rooms
Can have multiple buttons and perform a variety of functions.


Counting all inclining and on wall speakers in different room and garden
Control different audio inputs in different zones using a centralised system
Control different Video inputs in different zones using a centralised system
With projector, screen and surround sound system


Including PIR, Dual Tech, shock, door and all type of detectors
Including all internal and external cameras
For gate or main entrance with remote door release


Electric blinds that are to be integrated with your smart home
Include automated electric blinds and curtains


Helps us identify the patch panel, rack, cables and accessories needed
Custom programming and integration with smart heating devices
Touchscreen interfaces available in black and white 7“ and 10“, table top and on wall models

!!IMP This estimate is intended as a rough guide only. It is not an accurate representation of exact costs, which will vary and could increase depending on the technology and customisation specified.

What is included in smart home
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For smooth running of the project and to avoid critical problems occurring both during installation and after the project is completed, a fully integrated smart home needs to be designed by an experienced professional. So we have included the cost of initial planning, design, schematics and infrastructure diagrams in calculating the estimate.


For smart home installations, equipment costs are likely to be the most significant expense. The overall cost depend on what equipment is specified and how much functionality is included as well as the brands chosen. So you may choose low, mid, and high end price variants to get an approximate cost.


Here we estimate the cost that would incur for a professional install that delivers a future-ready home that is efficient, secure and reliable for years to come. A smart home expert will guide you through the entire process from concept to completion, helping you to specify the technology and recommending the products that will work best for your home.

What is a real smart home

cost calculation advices

Professional smart homes are expensive. So it is obvious to know what to include in your smart home and how to leave the provision for future expansion without blasting your budget. 


There’s lots of information regarding the cost of individual and DIY products online, but if you want a cohesive system that is completely integrated into a single user interface then there’s no one size fits all solution, and therefore no one size fits all price. Estimates are always custom made per client requirement.


To get a rough estimate on your smart home price, please use the cost calculator above. Please bear  in mind that the actual price of your smart home system might vary greatly depending on the technology, brand and scope. For the exact cost of a home automation system on your new build, please use our In Home Survey.


The technology found in a typical smart home is divided into three main categories: security, lighting and entertainment. These can exist either as stand-alone systems, or as a unified set-up managed by a smart control platform.