Gate Cost Calculator

A rough estimate of how much it would cost for getting swing or sliding gates supplied fitted and automated for your home.

quick gate automation cost calculator

fitted metal gate estimate

Get quick cost estimation of your swing and sliding gate with supply, installation and automation


Minimum height of 1.5m is required
Select swing or sliding considering the room for inward opening
Select over ground or hidden motor placement
Video intercom with remote door release
Include screen for all answering points

!!IMP This estimate is intended as a rough guide only. It is not an accurate representation of exact costs, which will vary and could increase depending on the technology, design, size and customisation specified. The labour cost is estimated for standard installation and might increase for complex cable running and post installations.

What is included in Gate Automation cost ?


For gate installations, the gate , intercom and motor costs are likely to be the most significant expense. The overall cost depend on the type of gate and automation system chosen. The more difficult the installation higher would be the labour cost.
smart home gate


We have included the cost of initial planning and design in calculating the estimate. The standard design considered is with slats with a standard gap of 15mm. Get in touch with us for angled slat and bespoke designs.

gate automation system

security and convenience

We offer automation of gates using NICE gate automation system. They improve home security, makes your life more comfortable, easy and beautiful. Forget the inconvenience of having to open and close your gate manually; with one simple movement you can operate it from the comfort of your home or car. Nice gate automation system has always stood out for their high aesthetic quality and care to details and over the years have won important international awards.

There are different ways to automate gates and a great deal of this depends on the style of gate itself in addition to the location of the gate. The most popular and cost effective automation system includes over ground motor and an intercom to remotely operate your security gates. We install metal gates for domestic premises in Farnham Common, Gerrards Cross, Stoke Poges, London and all of the Home Counties.